For all lightworkers wanting to make a difference

“Get ready to make a great

living with your passion.

We’ll show you how to free

up your life with an online


Aaaaand, interested by now??


Dear friends,

We knew we had finally escaped the 9-5 circle when we started to make great money with our online business and could easily afford to travel through south-east Asia with our 4 kids last year, 2013. We explored Thailand, Malaysia and Bali for almost 6 months non-stop.

During our travels we worked minimum hours whilst being true to ourselves and helping conscious business owners to get started and grow their heart-based businesses, so we all can change the world together.

We used to believe that it wasn’t possible to make a living with your passion, especially with something weird like health or raw food.

But, it is totally possible!

We also used to think that you need to work endless hours in order to run your own business.
Our online business now allows us to share our passion, helping thousands of people to improve their health AND make a great living doing something they believe in!

We now live in wonderful Costa Rica and wake up every morning to the sounds of the jungle, drink from freshly-picked coconuts straight from the tree for breakfast and enjoy almost year-round sunshine.
We have plenty of time to go to la playa (beach), play with the kids, do yoga or go surfing. And we do this every day (if we are not traveling in Europe or South-East Asia that is ;-)

The best part is we are also more fulfilled because we get to help, heal and inspire many people from all over the world.



“We are sharing this in order to demonstrate what’s possible for YOU!”


Profilbild neuIf you are reading this, I assume you are one of the many amazing and inspiring people who have a lot of knowledge and skills plus the passion to share them to help and heal.

Just imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you could do just that :)

Here are some ideas:

You would have your own conscious business so you could help and heal and thrive. You would live a life of meaning and be more fulfilled.
People would be grateful that you helped them and shared your gifts with them.

You could stop worrying about money.

And you would do what you truly love and are here on this planet to do :)




“Sound amazing? Here’s how to know if you’re READY to start your own  heart-based business.”

You are in the right place if you feel that:

  • You don’t have enough time to start a business.
  • You are just starting out with your business and feel overwhelmed by all the
    information out there.
  • You believe that you do not have enough expertise to really start a business.
  • You are afraid of the technical side of an online business, and wish someone could
    just handle it for you.

It is easy to feel trapped, stuck and unfulfilled if you have to work at a job and pay bill after bill for stuff you probably didn’t even want in the first place! You feel constantly exhausted, as you are forever trying to catch up with a game you don’t enjoy playing anyway.  It’s almost like being in a cage.


“Just 4 years ago, we were stressed out and working 3 jobs to make ends meet.”

Before we started our online business, we worked 3 jobs to make ends meet.

Katie worked 2 jobs, one in a health food store and one in a fair trade clothing shop, and I worked overnight in a home for the elderly. We didn’t want to do jobs we really hated, so we chose some ethically correct ones – but, as you probably know, they normally don’t pay much. Plus, you work for a boss, which we also didn’t like too much (all our effort was put into helping our bosses get rich).We didn’t see each other very often. Man, those were dark days.
We literally lived in a house without furniture because we couldn’t afford to buy any – honestly!

One day, we went to the river for a walk and to talk about our life and our future.
We did some math, and after adding up all possible hours (and overtime) we could put in, we were shocked.

We realized that even if I went back to work as a carpenter, working 50+ hours a week, we wouldn’t earn a lot more.
We would still be stuck with no extra, no way to afford a nice holiday… and the icing on the cake was:

In order to maintain this very low-level life we would have to do it until we were old – for another 40 years with literally NO expectation to improve it in any way.
This was devastating.  Quite frankly, it  f*%#ing sucked BIG-time!

This was such a big wake-up call for the two of us. In that moment we realized: “Something has to change!! But what, and HOW??”


“We didn’t want to live barely getting by each month and me being away from Katie & the kids.”

Shortly after our walk and talk at the river, Katie was working in the organic clothing store again.

Whilst she was working at the till, she was always thinking about how she could transform her passion for raw food into a business to create more freedom. And then I walked into the shop to see Katie.

At that same moment somebody came in to ask her for raw food advice. Again.
It happened quite often.
Then the customer said,

“Do you have a website?” Katie and I looked at each other.


That was the light bulb moment. 


We always knew we were here for something bigger and wanted to play our part in changing the world.”

Shortly after that my dad gave us his old laptop and we started creating.

We put all our knowledge into books and put them online. It was all still very unprofessional as I did the work whilst changing nappies and preparing food.

Remember, Katie was still working 2 jobs a day, while I looked after the kids and worked at night.
But as unprofessional as it was:


We started airing YouTube videos to get our message out there. People really liked our information, and soon, we started making money online.


We were now so grateful for all the knowledge we had gathered over the years about raw food and holistic and natural living.
It finally all made sense.
This knowledge was not just for us to keep. We could finally help others with it… and change our lives’ direction towards MORE FREEDOM.


And it just kept getting better from there…

Family with logoOver the past year we have created 4 more e-books and started the same “Rawfoodfamily” and “Sundancefamily”business in Germany.

Our Facebook site and YouTube channel have exploded, and more and more people want advice from us regarding how they can start their own businesses.

We have realized that our mission is not only to talk about raw foods, but to help conscious people with our knowledge about online marketing, social media and creating a successful heart-based business, so we lightworkers can stand together and play our important part in healing the world!

That is why we have put all our knowledge together into this Business School - to help you help others.

It’s like a gigantic ripple effect of love and light.


We love sharing our e-books and online programs 24-7, knowing they are helping more and more people all over the world.”

OK, here it is (drum roll in the background and crowd cheering and clapping in unison)

If you’re now ready to start creating your own heart-based, freedom-lifestyle online  business, serving people around the world using your knowledge and wisdom, then we invite you to join our Sundancefamily Business School!

ecover bschool

These results are totally possible for you.

Believe in yourself and in your vision.

You are meant to do this. 


“For a long time I had a burning desire to do something meaningful with my life using my talents, knowledge and experience. What always remained was the question of HOW? After several failed attempts to establish a business on my own, Ka Sundance and his inspiring Sundance Family Business School was a real stroke of luck for me.Within a few months, out of nowhere I was able to run a very successful blog, a Facebook fan page and set up a YouTube channel, all with remarkable reach – and it all continues to grow daily. To give you an example, during this short time I built an email list of 2500 addresses – without spending a penny on advertising.The investment in the course has already been repaid multiple times by the sale of the products I have created with Ka’s assistance! And from here it continues upwards – I look forward to a future of financial freedom whilst at the same time really helping and supporting people!My life has changed so quickly. I personally feel that I am now experiencing life as a river of abundance.”
Andreas Paffrath, Cologne,
“I had the idea of having an online business for some time, however, I just had no idea where to start. I did try it out for a short while some time ago by myself, but it went nowhere because I didn’t know where to go with it!  The course has helped me so much in knowing what to do in order to give my idea ‘head and feet’.  I finally started my website, started making uploads and getting followers. Thank you very much for everything :)”
“In all honesty, before I started your program, I was stuck and not getting my message out.  I wasn’t creating much income at all.  So I joined you, and now I’ve learned how to create and send newsletters, blog, create web pages and posts. I’ve got my site up and running, finished my eBook and have it for sale, and am now producing and hosting an online Raw Foods Radio show called Raw Living Radio and have even been interviewed by other talk radio!  I’ve really been able to have so much more impact on a global community due to the hands-on training I’m receiving through using all the tools you teach in your program”
“Through Ka’s help and his coaching we were finally able to obtain a concrete plan on how to build our website and reach many people with it. In addition Ka gave us a clear structure how we could offer our knowledge and experience as coaches to earn money. Thank you so much for the gift we have received through you. We finally have a financial basis to live our vision of freedom! No matter where we are – in the jungle of Hawai or just now in Thailand – we support people via Skype how to live a fulfilling and happy relationship and trust the lead of their own heart.”
“I have a small child, therefore an online business is the best way for me to support my family AND to live with my passion. I started from zero and thanks to Ka Sundance’s guidance and support, in a short period of time I created my multi-lingual website, Facebook page and YouTube channel with thousands of followers. I have already founded my raw food school for kids and mothers in Tokyo and create an income with it. Thanks so much Ka for this amazing school and your support!”
Tonya Ogino, Japan,


Here are the 6 proven stages you will learn in our Sundancefamily Business School.


Stage 1

Find Your Passion

- Get crystal clear on your passion.
- Find the magical matching point between your passion and the problem of the people you’d love to
work with.

Stage 2

Getting Started with Your Business and Ways to Make Money Online

- Avoid the big mistakes and 3 bad business ideas that cause 95% of all start ups to
fail. Get set up for success from the start.
- Understand how to create multiple streams of income that support you to free up
your time and energy.
- Learn how to publish your website in less than a week without knowing a single bit
about website building.

Stage 3

How to Get Things Done

-Get our tips and tricks to use your time wisely and efficient
-We show you our magical time-management tools, so you have more time to enjoy life

Stage 4

Authentic Marketing Magic

-How to be  authentic and heart-based in your marketing
-The three main tools to get your message out there
-15 ways to let people know about you and your business

Stage 5

Technical and Practical Bits

– How to turn your website into a lead-magnet.
- Technical tool that make your life so much easier
- Bonus: How to do teleclasses and webinars that help spread the word about you and your message

Stage 6

Putting It All Together – The Action Plan

- Create a plan that makes running your business easy
- Setting up systems,  so your business doesn’t take over your whole life



What People are Saying about Our Sundancefamily Business School

“If you’re looking for ideas on how to expand your business and make more money, Ka definitely has good advice to offer.
With Ka’s advice, making the next move for your business is easy! 
He gave us a good direction and plan. Thanks Ka for making the consultation very efficient by being radically honest and telling us what we needed to hear!”

Here is how it works:


As soon as you sign up, you will become part of our tribe.

Directly after you join our school, we will send you access details to our protected membership site where all the learning materials are hosted.

  • You get a new lesson sent via email every 2 weeks for 3 months.
  • The lessons are delivered mostly in video format, but you also get some workbooks, PDF files and other resources from us. We also provide MP3 audio files  of all videos, so you can download and listen to them wherever you want whenever you want.
  • You get full access to our “Sundancefamily Business School Rockstars” Facebook group so that you can connect with kindred spirits also taking our course.


Who is our business school for :
(Please note: this is not for everybody, so please read the following points carefully)

- People who want to help and serve
- People who are ready to follow a proven system and who don’t question every step
- People who are committed and do not turn away when they get challenged (because let me assure you: reaching for your dreams and growing into the position of becoming a successful freedom entrepreneur touching thousands of people is not always easy, no matter how well designed our school is!!)

This program is NOT – I repeat “Not”- for people who just want to earn a lot of money no matter what. Please do NOT buy our program if that is your only driving factor.
We have only lightworkers in our school and we want to keep it that way!


Answers to some common questions:


Am I ready for this?

Well, you have to ask yourself: is it okay doing the same things you have been doing up to this point? Do you want to keep on working your job, that same old, same old – or are you ready to finally get into the driver’s seat and take responsibility? The time has never been better for this.

Either way this is a defining moment – either the moment defines you, or you define the moment.

What’s it going to be?

The one who wants, finds a way; the one who doesn’t, finds excuses.


Am I educated enough to share my gift with the world?

I hope not. If you are still struggling with some problems or have not figured it all out 100% (but you are working on it), people will turn to you.


Because you still understand the problems your people have. You are close to them – you are one of them.

They can relate to you much better than to an enlightened Dr. PhD who is so far away. You also know just that bit more than they do – and that information can make all the difference in their lives.

So this is your time to shine your light :)


What if I can’t attend the dates live and have limited time?

The good thing is that you get lifelong access to the program.

That means there is no time pressure whatsoever. You can work at your own speed and pace and will never miss a thing.


What if I have no idea about the technical side of running an online business?

That would be perfect because that means you wouldn’t even try to do it yourself.


We do not recommend doing ANYTHING technical yourself. This program will teach you how to outsource all the technical problems for incredibly low costs. (Yes, we show you how to get a website built from scratch for as little as US $40-50)


==> This is the part where you say “Yes”! :) Yes to yourself and to sharing your gift with world <==

The people you are meant to help are waiting for you.
Get ready to feel more fulfilled than ever before because you are finally doing what you are meant to do.

You can do this!

The investment for “The Sundancefamily Business School” is just
$997 (we also have payment plans  :) )

New Semester starts 2015

So, to make this an easier decision for you we decided to give you a money back guarantee.
That means you can see and feel if this program is for you and if you don’t like it you can still reverse everything and get your money back.


Our 30-Day 100% Peace OF Mind Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the course, we promise to give you a full refund. Just write to


*Bonus 1 (Value: US$ 599)

Extra module: Outsourcing smartly. Learn the system we use to get very affordable technical support.

*Bonus 2 (Value: US$ 999)

You can join our private Facebook group for all members of our school.
In this group you can connect to other lightworkers who are on the same path as you so you have additional support, inspiration and backup.

*Bonus 3* (Value: US$ 5000)

Monthly live Q/A calls with Ka.

In these calls you can get any questions answered that you might have.
You can submit questions via email, or even have a live phone call with Ka.

*Bonus 4* (Value: US $799)

Get free access to our “Social Media Rock Star Academy” and a recorded question-answer call answering questions about Facebook and YouTube.


Yes Ka, I’m ready to make a living with my passion and start my freedom online business.

I know I will receive :

- Access to all 6 Modules/Stages
(Video, Pdf’s and Mp3′s)
Value: US $2.499
- Access to Facebook group  Value: US $   999 
- Bonus 1: Outsourcing Smartly Value: US $   599 
- Bonus 2: Monthly Q/A calls Value: US $5.000
- Bonus 3: Social Media Rockstar Value: US $  799 
———————————— —————–
Total Value: US $ 9.896

Your investment in only US $997
(we also have payment plans  :) )

New Semester starts 2015

Blesssings and thanks to Ka for helping me to sharpen my focus and grow in my ability to reach out with my passions helping to fulfill my purpose of growing in loving service.

I can only highly recommend Ka Sundance’s service to anyone who has a heart-based business and is serious about making an impact on the world”

“Ka Sundance is an awesome business coach. Not only did he and his team create for us an amazing website and social networking integration that I have always wanted, he did so much more! He created together with us at CostaRicaDiveAndSurf a full marketing strategy for our business that enables us to target and reach our customers so much better than ever before. Within the first week of going live with the newly designed website (provided to us by Ka’s team), we gained 4 times more traffic, responses and business than in the entire 2 YEARS previously!!! Success is lined up for us, because we have this amazing coach working with us. If you want to grow your business, reach more clients and make more money, Ka Sundance is the man!”

“By working with Ka, I learned more than I could ever have expected!

Ka’s program and coaching not only helped me clearly define what my true passion was by using visualization exercises and answering questions, it also helped me find my “niche”. Furthermore, thanks to this program, I learned how to easily create a website and how to promote it. The information contained in Ka’s program is invaluable! With Ka’s business coaching sessions and motivation, I was able to get started on my journey. I truly recommend working with Ka to everyone who is serious about creating the business of their dreams. With the help of this incredible program and the greatest coach ever, you are bound to succeed”

Stephanie Hedelman, Montreux Switzerland,
“My wife and I want to thank you for the beautiful work you do. I personally want to let you know how grateful we are, and I’m sure many others feel this way. You are a good teacher with a lot of love in your heart, and I know you were meant to be here on Earth to teach this.”
“Ka has been an amazing resource for me in my own personal development and with running my business here in Costa Rica.He seems to always have the perfect advice for me, in what ever situation I am going through in my life and in my work. He always inspires me to do the things I need to do in order to shine my gifts and succeed even more. Ka has helped me create a plan to get my message out to the world, and now it’s up to me to follow through and make it happen. He is good at lighting the fire within me, helping me transform and take action in ways that will help me take my business to the next level. I can highly recommend his services to anybody who wants to grow their heart-based business, earning more money whilst changing the world!
“I have been working with Ka for the last 3 months, from a time when I had literally nothing – no blog, no Facebook page and no idea where to start. In these 3 months of working with Ka, I now have a beautiful website with hundreds and hundreds people sharing my articles already and hundreds of fans following me on Facebook.

And the best thing is, I signed my first high-paying client last week, and I have several new people for my free introduction calls with other possible clients already scheduled (+ I have successfully launched my first product!)

Tanzilya Kalybayeva Henriksen – Oslo, Norway,

Yes Ka, I’m really ready to make a living with my passion and start my own heart-based online business.

I know I will receive :

- Access to all 6 Modules/Stages
(Video, Pdf’s and Mp3′s)
Value: US $2.499
- Access to Facebook group  Value: US $   999 
- Bonus 1: Outsourcing Smartly Value: US $   599 
- Bonus 2: Monthly Q/A calls Value: US $5.000
- Bonus 3: Social Media Rockstar Value: US $  799 
———————————— —————–
Total Value: US $ 9.896

Your investment:  Now only US $997
(we also have payment plans  :) )

New Semester starts 2015

If you are ready to start your own heart-based freedom lifestyle online business and to share your gift with the world, then we really hope you listen to what your heart tells you.

Stop dreaming and start doing and allow yourself to say “YES” to this opportunity to finally change your life.
We can’t wait to start working with you.

Love  and sunshine

Katie and Ka Sundance





If you want to finally make a living doing something you really believe in, really helping and serving people, plus creating financial abundance doing what you love, this program is exactly what you have been waiting for!