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“Here Is How to Start Your Own

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With Your Passion.”

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Dear friend,

We knew we had finally escaped the 9-5 circle when we started to make great money with our online business and could easily afford to travel through south-east Asia with our 4 kids last year. We explored Thailand, Malaysia and Bali for almost 6 months in a row.

During our travels we were working minimum hours while sharing our passion for raw food and natural health with our tribe.

We used to think that you can’t make a living with your passion, especially through something weird like health or raw food.

But boy, were we wrong! It is totally possible!
We also used to think that you have to work endless hours running your own business.
Our online business now allows us to share our passion, help thousands of people to improve their health AND make a great living !

We now live in wonderful Costa Rica and wake up in every morning to the sounds of the jungle, drink from freshly harvested coconuts right from the tree for breakfast and enjoy the almost year-round sunshine.

We have plenty of time to go to la playa (beach), play with the kids, do yoga or go surfing. And we do this every day.
The best part is we are more fulfilled because we get to help, heal and inspire many people from all around the world.

And now we want to show you how you can do this too !


“We are sharing this to show what’s possible for YOU!”


If you are reading this, I assume you are one of the many amazing and inspiring people who have a lot of knowledge and skills. What would your dream life look like?

Here are some ideas:

You would have your own health and wellness business so you can help and heal. You would live a life of meaning and significance. People would turn to you and listen to your advice by the thousands.

And all of that would happen while you are completely (financially) free and independent. You’d be your own boss and play your life by your own rules.

You’d share your knowledge with thousands from the comfort of your home (or a beautiful beach in Costa Rica like we do). There would be loads of free time to be with your family or simply play.

You catch the idea?


“Sound amazing? Here’s how to know if you’re READY to start your own health or wellness business.”

You are in the right place if you feel that:

  • You think that you don’t have enough time to start a business.
  • You are just starting out with your business and feel overwhelmed with all the information out there.
  • You believe that you do not have enough expertise to really start a business.
  • You are afraid of the technical side of an online business, as you are already confused using your electric tooth-brush. :)

It is easy to feel trapped, stuck and unfulfilled if you have to work a job and pay bill after bill for stuff you probably didn’t even want in the first place. You have no air to breathe, as you are constantly trying to catch up with a game you don’t like to play.

But believe us; there is a way out, and we are going to share it with you.


“Just 4 years ago, we were stressed out and working 3 jobs to make ends meet.”

 Before we started our online business, we worked 3 jobs to make ends meet.

Katie worked 2 jobs, one in a health food store and one in a fair trade clothing shop, and I worked overnight in a home for elderly people. We didn’t want to do jobs we really hated, so we chose some ethically correct ones, but like you probably know, they normally don’t pay much. Plus, you work for a boss, which we also didn’t like too much (All our effort was put into helping our boss to get rich)

We didn’t see each other very often.

We literally lived in a house without furniture because we couldn’t afford to buy any – honestly!

One day, we went to the river for a walk and to talk about our future.
We did some math, and after adding up all possible hours (and overtime) we could put in, we were shocked.
We realized that even if I would go back to work as a carpenter, working 50+ hours a week, we wouldn’t earn a lot more.

We would still be stuck with no extra, no way to afford a nice holiday and the best part was:
In order to maintain this very low-level life, we would have to do it until we were old, for another 40 years with literally NO expectation to improve it in any way.  Quite frankly, it sucked!

This was a big wake-up call.


“We didn’t want to live barely getting by each month and Ka being away from the kids.”

Shortly after our walk and talk at the river, Katie was working in the organic clothing store again.

While she was working at the till, she always was just thinking about how on earth she could transform her passion for raw food into a business. And then, I walked into the shop to see Katie.
That moment somebody came in to ask her for raw food advice. Again.

It happened quite often.
Then the customer said,

“Do you have a website?” Katie and I looked at each other.


That was the light bulb moment. 


We always knew we were here for something bigger and wanted to change the health of the world.”

Shortly after that, Ka’s dad gave us his old laptop, and we started creating.
We put all our knowledge into books and put them online.

We started airing Youtube videos to get our message out there. People really liked our information, and soon, we started making money online.


Now, we were so grateful about all our knowledge we gathered over the years about raw food and holistic and natural living.
It finally all made sense.

This knowledge was not just for us to keep. We finally could help others with it and change our lives.


And it just kept getting better from there…

Freedom LifestyleOver the last year, we created 4 more e-books and started the same “Rawfoodfamily” business in Germany.

Our Facebook site and YouTube channel exploded, and more and more people wanted advice from us regarding how they could start their own business.

We realized that it was part of our mission to help people to make others healthy.

That is why we put all our knowledge together into the healthy online business system; to help you help others.

It’s a ripple effect and really cool!


We love sharing our e-books 24-7, knowing they are helping more and more people all over the world.”

If you’re ready to start creating your own health or wellness business, serving people around the world with your knowledge and wisdom, then we invite you to join our healthy online business system.


Rawfoodfamily Healthy Online Business System


These results are totally possible for you.

Believe in yourself and in your vision. You are meant to do this. You just need the right support and guidance.


“I had for some time the idea of having an online business, however, I just had no idea where to start. I did a short attempt some time ago by myself, but it went nowhere because I didn’t know where to go!  The course has helped me so much to know what to do in order to give my idea ‘head and feet’.  I finally started my website, started making uploads and getting followers. Thank you very much for everything :)”
Iris Macedo, Mexico City, Mexico,
“In all honesty, before I started your program, I was stuck and not getting my message out.  I wasn’t creating much income at all.  So I joined you, and now I’ve learned how to create and send newsletters, blog, create web pages and posts. I’ve got my site up and running, finished my eBook and have it for sale, and am now producing and hosting an online Raw Foods Radio show called Raw Living Radio and have even been interviewed by other talk radio!  I’ve been able to really have so much more impact on a global community due to the hands on training I’m receiving through using all the tools you teach in your program”
Clementine Libre,
“Thanks to Ka and his business coaching program we joined, we were able to get started with our online business from scratch fast. And now we just signed our first high paying coaching client this week. Thanks so much Ka for your support!”
Andre & Eva Schameitat, Hawaii, USA,
“I have a small child, therefore an online business is the best way for me to support my family AND to live with my passion. I started from zero and thanks to Ka Sundance’s guidance and his support, in short period of time I created my multilanguage website, Facebook page and YouTube channel with thousands followers. I already founded my raw food school for kids and mothers in Tokyo and create an income with it. Thanks so much Ka for this amazing school and your support!”
Tonya Ogino, Japan,
“My warmest recommendations for “The Rawfoodfamily Healthy Business System “- You get clear structures and helpful instructions, tons of experience and a heartfelt openness with numerous authentic videos and how-to’s from someone who has done it all already and succeeded very well
Anneli Karlsten Montin,, Sweden


Here are the 6 proven stages you learn in our Rawfoodfamily Healthy Online Business System.


Stage 1

Find Your Passion

- We help you to get crystal clear on your passion.
- We help you to find the magic matching point between your passion and a need for help and support of the people you’d love to work with.
- You’ll learn how to think like a holistic-preneur, even when every cell of you wants to think like a broke spiritual healer, and why this is so important to start using video successfully to reach your people and make at least several thousands of dollars each month.

Stage 2

Getting Started with Your Business and Ways to Make Money Online

- Determine who will buy, what they’ll buy and why they buy it. We help you to take the guesswork out of this.
- How to avoid the big mistakes and 3 loser business ideas in health/wellness that cause 95% of all start ups to fail. Get set up for success from the start.
- The 7 best ways to create products that really help and people love to pay you for!
-How to create multiple streams of income.
-How to get your website published in less than a week from scratch without knowing a single bit about website building.

Stage 3

How to Get Things Done

-We show you tricks and tips on how to be super-efficient.  Remember, we run several businesses while traveling the world, homeschooling 5 kids and surfing.
-We show you magical time management tools, plugins, apps and other online services we use as well, so you get so many things done even if you still work an extra job. Almost all of the tools we recommend are free!
-We show you how to improve areas of challenge that might be holding you back, such as lack of expertise, self-confidence and leadership skills.

Stage 4

Authentic Marketing Magic

-How to do authentic, heart-based marketing so people will stream to you and gather around you.
-The three main tools we are using to reach millions of people each month with our message
-15 ways of creating huge amounts of traffic for free. I promise you that most of the ways you have not heard of, yet everyone can do them!
-Setting up your website so it sells for you on autopilot by creating a smart sales funnel.
-How to attract more people towards your business by simply being yourself and AVOIDING slimey sales techniques.

Stage 5

Technical and Practical Bits

- The three main pages you need on your website and how to set them up for success.
- How to turn your website into a lead-magnet. Your free offer to people (signup box on the website), easy email and newsletter marketing and more.
-Make money with your phone (with teleseminars and webinars). Create bursts of income with teleseminars and webinars that build your list and sell. Learn how to map out your content as well as what to say (and what not to say!) to get your message through, encourage best results and most of all support people through sales.

Stage 6

Putting It All Together – The Action Plan

-Our exact system we use to reach thousands of people and make between $10,000 and $20,000 a month (when we launch, we make much more), all while working no more than 2-4 hours a day and traveling the world with our 5 kids.
-How to run your lifestyle business efficiently without spending a ton of time in front of the computer.
-Systems, automatization, optimization and leverage.  How to put it all together so that you run a successful, daily growing business that helps thousands of people while generating a comfortable income.

What People are Saying about Our Rawfoodfamily Healthy Online Business System

“Thanks to Ka Sundance and his exceptional personal Business Coaching Program I could during a fair in which I took part at the weekend, attract about 30 listeners for my lectures on special topics of my business activity at each of the two days.

That was two times full house, although at the same time each 7 other lectures and demonstrations took place in parallel!! Now I’m sitting here at my desk  answering  the registrations  having arisen from it. Thanks Ka! You rock and your stuff works!”

Michael Holz, Düsseldorf Germany,

“If your looking for ideas on how to expand your business and make more money, Ka definitely has good advice to offer.
With Ka’s advice, making the next move for your business is easy! 
He gave us a good direction and plan. Thanks Ka for making the consultation very efficient by being radically honest and telling us what we needed to hear!”
RawBrahs (Timothy, Nathanael & Daniel Eisenmann) Georgia, USA
“I am a very shy person and I felt completely insecure and doubted myself from top to bottom, even though I have a business degree I lacked the ability to make business from what I love. Today, I have website with traffic, a very dynamic Facebook fanpage with more than 700 fans, a constantly growing YouTube channel. I also have been talking to several people via phone who have been showing interest in working with me in one of my coaching programs I designed with the help of Ka

I feel like I can make it happen, now. I don’t feel alone, I feel supported.

Ka is a great mentor and a friend. Thank you Ka.”

Kes Cardoso, Sao Paolo, Brazil,


Here is how it works:


As soon as you sign up, you will become part of our tribe.

We will be sending you access details to our protected membership site where all the learning materials are hosted.

  • You get a new lesson sent via email every 2 weeks for 2 months.
  • The lessons are delivered mostly in video format, but you also get some workbooks, PDF files and other resources from us.
  • You get full access to our “Healthy Online Business Tribe” Facebook group so that you can connect with kindred spirits who also take our course.


Answers to some common questions:


Am I ready for this?

Well, you have to ask yourself: is it okay doing the things you have been doing so far? Do you want to keep on working your job, that same old, same old, or are you ready to finally get into the driver’s seat and take responsibility? The time has never been better for this.

This is a defining moment; either way, the moment defines you, or you define the moment.

What’s it going to be?

The one who wants, finds a way; the one who doesn’t, finds reasons


Am I educated enough to become a leader?

I hope not. The best leaders are the ones who have not outgrown their people by far. If you still struggle with some problems or have not figured it all out 100% (but you are working on it), people will turn to you.


Because you still know about the problems your people have. You are close to them; you are one of them.

They can relate to you much better than to an enlightened Dr. PhD who is so far away. Go for it.

Your people wait for you!


What if I can’t attend the dates live and have limited time?

The good thing is that you get lifelong access to the program.

That means there is no time pressure whatsoever. You can work at your speed and your pace and will never miss a thing.


What if I have no idea about the technical side of running an online business?

That would be perfect because that means you wouldn’t even try to do it yourself.


We do not recommend doing ANYTHING technical yourself. The program will teach you how to outsource all the technical problems for incredibly low costs. (Yes, we show you how to get a website from scratch, built for as little as US $40-50)


It’s time to take action NOW. The people you are meant to help are waiting for you.

Get ready to feel more fulfilled than ever before because you are finally doing what you are meant to do.

Whether you want to start a new business or bring your services online, this investment will come back to you many times.

The special tuition for “The Rawfoodfamily Healthy Online Business System” is available for as little as $2499
$499 (or even cheaper payment plans). 

Enroll NOW 

Here is where you say “YES” to your new life and business


Our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you, for any reason, are not 100% satisfied with the course, we promise to give a full refund on your investment.

Honestly, it doesn’t get better than that, does it? All you have to do is just send an email to, and we will give you all your money back within a couple of business days.

You have our word!



*Extra Bonus 1* (Value: US $599)

Outsourcing Smartly

This extra module gives you an exact plan on where to find help and how to outsource all your technical problems (like website building and graphic design work) for incredibly low costs (i.e., get a WordPress website designed for US $40-50 and pay US $5 for any designed image including two revisions)


Yes Ka, I’m ready to make a living with my passion and start my health and wellness business.

I know I will receive :

- Access to all 6 Modules/Stages Value: US $2.499
- Access to Facebook group  Value: US $  999 
- Bonus 1: Outsourcing Smartly Value: US $  599 
———————————— —————–
Total Value: US $ 4,096

Your investment:  Now only US $499 (or even cheaper payment plans)


Enroll NOW

“Blesssings and thanks to Ka for helping me to sharpen my focus and grow in my ability to reach out with my passions helping to fulfil my purpose of growing in loving service

I can only highly recommend Ka Sundance’s service to anyone who has a heart based business and is serious to make an impact on the world”

Chris Kendall, Raw Lifestyle Coach Nomad Saskatoon, Canada,
“Ka Sundance is an awesome business coach. Not only did he and his team create us an amazing website and social networking integration, I always wanted, but there is so much more! He created together with us at CostaRicaDiveAndSurf a full marketing strategy for our business, that enables us to target and reach our costumers so much better than ever before. Within the first week of going live with the new designed website (provided to us by Ka’s team), we gained 4 times more traffic, responses and business than in all the 2 YEARS before!!! The success is lined up for us, because we have this amazing coach working with us. If you want to grow your business, reach more clients and make more money, Ka Sundance is the man!”
Michael Shellard CEO of,

“By working with Ka, I learned more than I could ever have expected!

Ka’s program and coaching not only helped me clearly define what my true passion was by using visualization exercises and answering questions, it also helped me find my “niche”. Furthermore, thanks to this program, I learned how to easily create a website and how to promote it. The information contained in Ka’s program is invaluable! With Ka’s business coaching sessions and motivation, I was able to get started on my journey. I truly recommend working with Ka to everyone who is serious about creating the business of their dreams. With the help of this incredible program and the greatest coach ever, you are bound to succeed”

Stephanie Hedelman, Montreux Switzerland,
“My wife and I want to thank you for the beautiful work you do. I personally want to let you know how grateful we are, and I’m sure many others feel this way. You are a good teacher with a lot of love in your heart, and I know you were meant to be here on Earth to teach this.”
Jay and Linda Kordich sold almost a billion dollars worth of his famous Juiceman Juicer. Jay is 87 years young and lives together with his wife and 2 sons in the USA.
“Ka has been an amazing resource for me in my own personal development and with running my business here in Costa Rica.He seems to always have the perfect advice for me, in what ever situation I am going through in my life and with my work. He always inspires me to do the things I need to do in order to shine my gifts and succeed even more. Ka has helped me create a plan to get my message out to the world, and now its up to me to follow through and make it happen. He is good at lighting the fire within me, helping me transform and take action in ways that will help me take my business to the next level. I can highly recommend his services to anybody who wants to grow their heart based business, earning more money while changing the world!
Sofiah Thom, Dominical Costa Rica,,
“I have been working with Ka for last 3 months, when I had literally nothing, no blog, no Facebook page and no idea where to start.In these 3 months working with Ka, I have a beautiful website with hundreds and hundreds people sharing my articles already; I have hundreds of fans following me on Facebook.

And the best thing is, I have signed my first high paying client last week, and I have several new people for my free introduction calls with other possible clients already scheduled (+ I have successfully launched my first product!)

Tanzilya Kalybayeva Henriksen – Oslo, Norway,

Yes Ka, I’m ready to make a living with my passion and start my health and wellness business.

I know I will receive :

- Access to all 6 Modules/Stages Value: US $2.499
- Access to Facebook group  Value: US $  999 
- Bonus 1: Outsourcing Smartly Value: US $  699 
———————————— —————–
Total Value: US $ 4,096

Your investment:  Now only US $499 (or even cheaper payment plans)

Enroll NOW


If you are ready to start your own health and wellness business online and finally make a living with you passion, then we invite you to join this program .

We really hope you listen to what your heart tells you, “stop dreaming and start doing” and allow yourself to say “yes” to this opportunity to finally change your life.

We can’t wait to start working with you! :)

**Let’s get people healthy**

Love  and sunshine

Katie and Ka Sundance



If you want to finally make a living with something you really believe in, really help and serve people plus create financial abundance doing what you love, this program is exactly what you have been waiting for!